Frequently Asked Questions

I try to explain my services as clearly and as simply as possible, but I know consulting can be difficult and complicated to understand.

If you still have a question, please contact me here.

General Questions

What is a consultant?

A person who gives professional advice, provides services and sometimes sells products. Joe Basurto is knowledgable in the food, music and web industries.

Starting A Project

What is a Creativ Brief?

A brief description of your project that Joe Basurto will have to approve before your project can be started. When filling out be as professional and descriptive as possible.

Logging In

How do I login?

There is a login link on the top right of Click there or go to Enter your information and click “Login.”

What is the Dashboard?

The project dashboard is where you can see all your active projects with JBCreativGroup. When you click “view project” it will take you to your project’s space.

What is the Project Space?

The project space is where you can see your project’s drafts, upload files, view uploaded files, download files, discuss drafts, approve drafts and view your project’s milestones. It’s where your project lives and is managed by JBCreativGroup. It’s also to assist you with keeping track of your project.